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Our philosophy is a strong belief that we need to give our bodies every opportunity, and all of the assistance we can, using a nutritional substance that is totally natural.

We are a South African women run company, which has existed for 5 years within the Nutraceutical industry.

We believe in improving health by utilising natural, sustainable and scientifically-proven products, which are cruelty-free and affordable.  We continuously liaise with nutritionists and other scientists in order to stay up to date with the latest research. We are committed to ensuring that the products which we market adhere to strict nutritional and health guidelines and that they are as effective as promised.

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Regular users of our product report that it has significantly improved nail growth, hair health, joint health and has had an anti-aging effect.

Most collagen which is commercially sold is derived from animals such as cows, pigs, and goats.  Our collagen is manufactured from Cod skin, which is wild caught in the ocean, and not farmed.  Marine collagen is also far more bioavailable, and therefore less product is required to achieve results.  It is an eco-friendly collagen source, and suitable for people who are restricted from eating meat and animal products due to health, religious or ideological reasons.

Unlike similar products on the market, our collagen is tasteless, making it far more palatable when added to water, milk juice. 


Amino acids are the body’s building blocks.  As we break down protein, amino acids are released and taken up by the body, to perform various tasks, including recovery from injury, regeneration of cells, physical and mental health as well as optimal functioning of our organs. 

Today’s modern lifestyle requires us to have access to more amino acids than can simply be gained from our diet, and BDH has been developed in order to provide you with additional amino acids, including Tryptophan, which is recommended by doctors, psychiatrists and nutritionists and may aid in fighting depression, assist with sleep disorders and help the body to recover from stress, excessive use of alcohol or poor diet and to boost brain function.

BDH pro amino is made from all-natural products, with no preservatives, filler powders or chemical additives.   The source of BDH Pro Amino is A2 milk from free-range, grass-fed dairy cattle.

BDH Pro Amino is Halaal certified.

BDH Pro Amino comes in powder form, with a pleasant, vanilla flavour, which has been hydrolysed, in a very specific way, to ensure that no valuable amino acids or probiotics are lost. 

It is a great source of probiotics to promote digestive health.