"I want to say a huge thank you to the developers of this magnificent product. I suffer from IBS as well as Leaky gut, and I was introduced to their collagen product +-6 months ago. For all intent and purposes I started adding the powdered collagen to my fruit and vegetable smoothies in the mornings. All I needed was 1 tablespoon per day. The results were magical, I have not had an IBS attack since then. Even more noticeable was the urge of energy as my blood felt more oxygenated as well. The condition of my skin and hair also improved dramatically. I am highly impressed with your product Bona Dea Health, Keep up the good work Eventually, a collagen product that works!"
Cheryl Dippenaar
"Going through puberty is tough, and tough on your skin. I have been battling with pimples on my chin and forehead since the onset of puberty. Thanks to the combination of BDH Marine Collagen powder with the Zinc capsules every morning, the appearance of the pimples has drastically improved."
Gabi (Western Cape)
12 Year Old
"I have been using this collagen 2 product for 2 months now and have started experiencing wonderful results. The wrinkles around my eyes, forehead and mouth have become finer. I have experienced increased energy and now wake up in the morning feeling much more energetic. My 8 year old Labrador, Bella has had a skin condition for many months and had scratched herself raw on her stomach and inner legs. After giving her the collagen on a daily basis mixed into her food, her hair as completely regrown back in the areas where she had lost her hair and the condition of her coat has improved immensely."
Jenny Fraser and Bella
"I would like to thank you for such a wonderful product. I originally ordered it, as I heard from colleagues that after they used the product, they had great results. I started using it for a continuous knee discomfort and excrutiating pain. After about 3 weeks, all pain and discomfort disappeared. After about 2 months of using BDH, even my hairdresser mentioned what good condition my hair was in. She also noticed that I had new hair growing where it was normally very thin. I'm super stoked and have discussed that my mother should start using it after radiation treatment. I recommend BDH Collagen to everyone."
Mariette van Jaarsveld
"Before I started using Bona Dea Health my skin was dry and very dehydrated after a long day riding, however, after taking this awesome product I noticed an improvement in hydration of my face. My nails have become stronger than ever before and my dark circles under my eyes have decreased. I really love this product and in my eyes, it's a MUST have!"
Kiara-Tayne Van Jaarsveld
BDH Equestrian Athlete